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Flemming Kozok, a true fan of AC Milan since 1989: Here in the AC Milan dressing room at the San Siro stadium in Milan.
- October 2007. (Private photo)

Kozok's stock lists

In the following a selection of stocks listed on the american stock exchanges is presented. The lists are presented via webpages on finance.yahoo.com. The list are well-arranged with full names and belonging tickers, as well as fundamentals, and can contribute to give the interested a good general view of the stock market in the US.


Semiconductor - Equipment & Materials
Semiconductor - Memory Chips
Semiconductor - Broad Line
Semiconductor - Specialized
Semiconductor - Integrated Circuits

VoIP Equipment

EMS Companies

Flat Panel Display (FPD/LCD)


Networking & Communication Devices
Communication Equipment

Wireless Communications
Towers - Wireless

Data Storage Devices

Stem Cells
Generic Drugs

Steel & Iron

Independent Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

Alternative Energy

Aerospace/Defense - Major Diversified
Aerospace/Defense Products & Services


Security & Surveillance
Security Software

Application Software
Business Software & Services
Internet Software & Services
B2B e-commerce
Speech Recognition

Resorts & Casinos
Games & Multimedia

DSL-chips and -suppliers

Israeli Technology & Pharma

China Stocks

Nasdaq - low absolute value


Pink Paper

The meaning of the 5th letter in ticker symbols

Sometimes on respectively Nasdaq and the OTC BB an appendix to the ticker symbol is seen. In the following you can read more about the meaning of these:
A  Class A
B  Class B
D  New (on Nasdaq listed issues - Reverse Split)
E  Delinquent in required SEC filings
F  Foreign securities, except ADRs
G, H & I  Additional warrants or preferred
J  Voting
K  Nonvoting
L  Miscellaneous situations, such as stubs, depositary receipts, second units, or additional warrants or preferred
M  Fourth preferred, same company
N  Third preferred, same company
O  Second preferred, same company
P  First preferred issue
Q  Bankruptcy- involved in bankruptcy proceedings
R  Rights
S  Shares of beneficial interest
T  Delinquent in filing
U  Units
V  When- issued and when-distributed
W  Warrants
Y  ADR (American Depositary Receipts)
Z  Miscellaneous situations, such as stubs, depositary receipts, limited partnership units, or additional warrants or units

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