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Edwin Lefevre: Reminiscences of a Stock Opreator
Edwin Lefèvre's Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is one of Flemming Kozok’s absolute favorite books about investing. Edwin Lefèvre is by many meant to be the pseudonymous for Jesse Livermore, perhaps the greatest speculator which have ever lived. However Edwin Lefèvre was a real person, among other things he worked as diplomat, column writer, journalist, author etc.

Flemming Kozok has through his career as day trader in the real world often derived parallels to points and situations in the book. With background in the books many punch-lines and dogmas it appears for Flemming Kozok as being the book which has taught him most of all.

As Flemming Kozok himself says: "The fantastic about the book, in spite it’s written several years ago, is it seems that not one single aspect in the thinkingt related to trading in the market has changed since then. With this background the reader can with this book at the same time experience not only a interesting and well-written story, but also learn a lesson on an unexpected and very fascinating manner."

The book is an essential classic which gives an almost immortal and present insight into the psychology of the market which still exists today.

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