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Kozok has as day trader been engaged in trading stocks listed on Nasdaq NM (National Market), Nasdaq DC (Small Cap), NYSE (New York Stock Exchane), AMEX (American Stock Exchange) and OTC BB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board). He has been trading stocks listed in almost all imaginable sectors and niches of the market. These sectors can be seen here.

Kozok trades both ”long” as well as ”short”. Long means in short that the investor is betting on a rising market and hence an expression for what we can consider the “traditional” type of trade. On the other hand when selling short the investor is betting on a falling market. In short, borrowed stocks are sold and afterwards bought back at a later time at an expected lower price. This is the type of trading Flemming Kozok in particular take advantage of it and contributed highly to his success at the market in the period when the dot.com bubble burst back in April 2000 and afterwards began a longer downward journey categorized by falling stocks.

In co-operation with Spekulant.dk Flemming Kozok presents a number of stock lists. These lists range far and wide and covers widely the sectors Kozok trades within. For individuals the lists can contribute to a unique overview of large areas of the US stockmarket. In the following you will be able to read a short description (composed by Flemming Kozok) of the selected stock lists, one by one.

However we will start with a short introduction to Kozok's trading strategies & methods, financial related links used by Kozok, a couple of his favorite financial related quotations plus articles about and by Kozok. Finally references to a number of books of which Flemming Kozok among others in particular recommend one book which have had a positive influence on his career as a day trader.

Flemming Kozok Sørensen can be contacted at:

Flemming Kozok at the market, August 2005 (Photographer: Bjørn Stig Hansen)

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