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Yield history 2000-2006
Kozok generated:

  -  In 2000 a yield of 12,800% based on 25,019 trades.

  -  In 2001 a yield of 114% based on 20,241 trades.

  -  In 2002 a yield of 84% based on 10,285 trades.

  -  In 2003 a yield of 274% based on 11,856 trades.

  -  In 2004 a yield of 141% based on 8,687 trades.

  -  In 2005 a yield of 118% based on 7,828 trades.

  -  In the first half of 2006 a yield of 115% based on 8,494 trades.

  -  From medio September 2008 to October 2008 during the financial crisis turmoil a yield of 43% based on around 2,600      trades.

On aggregate, Kozok has generated more than 100,000 trades in the US-stock markets. In sole transaction costs in form of brokerage and ECN-charges he has all in all paid close to 15 million Danish kroner. Kozok has solely made use of info- and tradingsystems offered by Track Data Securities, Inc. (Nasdaq SC: TRAC) www.trackdata.com

As accumulated earnings amount about 16 million Danish kroner Flemming Kozok has consequently paid about the same amount in sole transaction costs as earnings amount up to after costs. Kozok has in other words by his day trading activities before expenses generated earnings at about 30 million Danish kroner or a yield at about 92,300% analogous to a doubling of the originally capital 924 times. In other words the potential day trader should be prepared to defray considerably transaction costs before the business will be profitable.

A considerably amount of these costs should though not be seen in pure brokerage, but instead in the form of charges per traded stock, or ”per share fees” which particularly in the last 3 years has risen considerably. Costs related to active trading in stocks with absolute low qoute-value can hence turn out to be particularly expensive. More information about costs here.

The present chart indicates on indexed basis the growth of Flemming Kozoks yield reached through day trading. Please notice that data only goes back to december in year 2000. On this basis the indexed start value is 10,336 as index 100 equals the level primo year 2000. Incidentally it can be noticed that the chart in certain areas flatten out, i.e. represented without fluctations. These areas indicates periods where Flemming Kozok owning to holiday has not been actively trading the markets as it can be seen in the end of the period in june 2006.

At the beginning of the period the Dow Jones index was in comparison at 10,439.59 and had since declined severely. This in sharp contrast to Flemming Kozok’s yield illustrated in the above performance chart.

Part time daytrading - yields 2007-2011

Kozok no longer works as intensively with daytrading. Since 2007 he has generally operated at a decreased level of activity in the market. Among other things he has been member of the board of two smaller companies and has been working as managing director of a smaller, Danish based venture capital company. In addition, he has finished his master’s degree at Copenhagen Business School (2008-2010) and has furthermore taken part in numerous projects of different kind, for e.g. the largest online broker in Scandinavia, Nordnet Bank.

In spite of other activities and a generally decreased focus on daytrading, Flemming Kozok has managed to create the following yields on the capital dedicated for daytrading:

  -  In the last six month of 2006 a yield of 28.17% based on 2.858 trades.

  -  In 2007 a yield of 43.78% based på 6.277 trades.

  -  In 2008 a yield of 52.70% based på 4.530 trades.

  -  In 2009 a yield of 159.88% based på 4.507 trades.

  -  In 2010 a yield of 44.29% based på 3.208 trades.

  -  In 2011 a yield of 85,48% based on 7.851 trades.

     We may highlight that:
  -  For the month of September 2008 (the first month of the financial crisis) the yield was 22% based on 1.738 trades.

  -  For the 6 weeks during the financial crisis from the middle of September 2008 till October 2008 the yield was 43% based      on approx. 2.600 trades. See press release:      

  -  During the financial crisis from the middle of September 2008 until September 2009 the yield was 286% based on 7.522       trades. See press release:

  -  Flemming Kozok through 180 trades made new a profit record on a single day, March 21st 2013, where he earned USD 127,909. Earlier record was USD 78,000.

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